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Non-Profit Volunteer Organization

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Updated 01/07/2014

Amici della Rocca: Associazione ONLUS

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Centro G.Valli - Via S.Carlo, 32
28041 - Arona (NO) - Italy

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Our Mission

Exclusive purpose of the Association is the Protection and Enhancement of Historic and Artistic Promotion of Culture, Education and Lifelong Learning.

In this perspective, 'Amici della Rocca' have been set up in the Volunteer Organization NO-Profit recognized and recorded in the Register Piedmontese Regional Chamber of Voluntary Organizations Provincia di Novara in 2008 (results in 2008/4337). [Read more]

After the closure to the public of the "Rocca" in 2002 for commencement of the contract between the property and the Borromeo, Arona City of the Association "Amici della Rocca" was actively engaged in seeking agreement between the parties that would allow the reopening. [Read more]

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of "Amici della Rocca", re-elected in July 2014, is composed by:

  • Poletti Angelo (President)
  • Marini Francesca (Vice-President)
  • Calza Claudio (Secretary)
  • Carpanini Dante (Councilor)
  • DiBella Giovanni (Councilor)
  • Fucile Concetta (Councilor)
  • Lai Giovanni (Councilor)
  • Modelli Paolo (Councilor)
  • Torelli Antonio (Councilor)
  • Vedovato Giorgio (Councilor)
  • Zamboni Tiziano (Councilor)

Youth Group